Welcome To Boss Golf Cart Rentals 30A

At Boss Golf Cart Rentals 30A, nestled in the heart of Santa Rosa Beach, FL, our unwavering commitment is to provide an unparalleled experience to visitors and guests looking for  a golf cart rental during their vacation that will be worry and trouble free.  We stand apart by offering a fleet of Brand New & Custom Made golf carts, meticulously crafted to exceed your expectations in every way.

Luxury Golf Cart Rentals 30A

 Welcome to Boss Golf Cart Rentals 30A, your go-to spot for top-notch golf cart rentals right here in Santa Rosa Beach. We’re all about providing you with the best rides in town, and we take that job pretty seriously – but not so seriously that we can’t have a bit of fun along the way! 

Our Promise :

We're not just in the business of renting golf carts; we're in the business of creating awesome memories. That's why we're all about those shiny new golf carts that practically beg you to take them for a spin. Our carts are built for a smooth ride that'll have you grinning from ear to ear.

boss golf cart rentals 30a

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for our customers, we regularly inspect and maintain our fleet of golf carts, ensuring that they are always in top-notch condition. We understand the frustration that comes with a breakdown or poor performance, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure that our golf carts are reliable and ready so you don’t waste any of your vacation time messing with your golf cart rental.


Our golf carts are equipped with robust DOT-approved windshields, complete with electric windshield wipers, setting us apart from the competition. Unlike other rental companies offering non-street legal windshields with inconvenient center folds, our carts ensure hassle-free visibility. With an advanced electric system, our carts deliver enhanced power when needed, supported by a specialized controller that guarantees a smooth and controlled ride. Bid farewell to abrupt jerks that may jostle rear passengers – our carts are designed for safety.


We’re all about quality, never compromising by overbooking. In fact, we intentionally keep one cart off rent each weekend to meticulously check and maintain the entire fleet. Our dedication to excellence means only carts that have undergone rigorous inspection and meet our high standards are delivered to customers. With our commitment to providing well-maintained golf carts, our customers can trust that they will have a hassle-free and enjoyable ride every time they choose to rent from us.

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Choose from different sizes

– 4, 6, and 8 person golf cart rentals available
– All carts are street legal in Florida
– Drivers must have a valid license

30a golf cart rentals

– Seasonal pricing, call for specific rates
– Higher weekly pricing in July
– Weekly pricing only in summer months
– Pricing and minimum days vary after August

best golf cart rental 30a

Premium options
– Choose from low profile 6 person or Premium Lifted Series
– All carts are brand new and upgraded

golf cart rental near me

Deposits required
– Deposits necessary for golf cart rentals


Discounts take affect after second week of August!

Why Choose Boss Golf Cart Rentals 30A

Brand New Rentals

All golf cart rentals are Brand New & Custom Made with over 7 upgrades from average golf cart rentals: We never rent rough golf carts like some other local businesses.

Loaded With Upgrades

Our carts are custom made in factory just for our rental shop. We spare no expense on the upgrades available to us.  Our carts have a different electric system which gives more power when needed.

Extra Drive Time & Power

Our carts have 2 extra batteries per cart for extra drive time! Our carts have upgraded Trojan T105 batteries. 

Extra Smooth Ride

Our carts Have a special controller giving the cart a smooth operating drive-Also when the drivers presses the gas the carts do not jerk forward which can cause the rear passengers to come off.

If You’d Like Some Recommendations For Other Services We Would Be Glad To Help You.

We Do Not Charge For These Services And Take A Profit From It. Ultimately We Just Want To Help Out Our Customers So They Have A Nice Vacation

If You’d Like To Know Where To Get Some Food Before Your Fire, Or Who To Call For Beach Photography, Just Ask While We Are Taking Your Booking. We Will Be Glad To Let You Know Where To Go Or Who To Call For Something Like This.

We Also Own A Few Other Businesses In The Area, So Boat Rental, Kayak Rental, Or Paddle Board Rental, Please Let Us Know! We Will Be Happy To Get One Delivered To You.

Areas that we serve

We offer beach bonfires along scenic highway 30A, in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. We also serve a small part of Panama City Beach that is located on 30A or Inlet Beach area. And sometimes, we offer some locations in the Destin/Miramar beach area.